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About Me

I am a mom to three rambunctious kiddos, a wife to a professional sports photographer, a practicing Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an advocate of all things wholesome…especially food!

Providing healthy food for myself and my family is not always quick and easy. I myself have food sensitivities, my husband is a finicky eater, I have one kid who will pretty much try anything, another who could survive on peanut butter sandwiches everyday if given the choice and a little one who is just now formulating her taste palette. We try and live with an 80:20 mindset when it comes to nutrition. This means that 80% of the time we try and eat real whole foods, cook our meals from scratch and consciously make healthy choices, while 20% of the time we bend the rules a bit with a treat and are sure to enjoy our various social gatherings. This mindset helps to promote an enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle that is balanced and easily sustainable (especially with kids).  It’s important to remember that nutrition is not black and white. Healthy eating for us is a continual work in progress and the journey is never easy.

In my spare time I give nutrition presentations, and serve on the Health and Wellness Committee at my son’s elementary school. Helping to teach children about where food comes from, how it effects their bodies and the importance of physical activity has become my mission. My three children (who are my driving force) have ignited in me a passion to help change the health of our younger generations. I know I am just one voice and I can’t do it alone, but I want to be someone who continually pursues healthy change in the midst of opposition.

Thank you so much for taking this crazy yet rewarding journey with me.


Tali HS 14em




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